About me

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1. Billy
2. B
3. Blue
4. Leo
5. August
6. Sun
7. Hip hop, Funky, Euro Dance, some Technos
8. Vancouver, Canada
9. Web/Graphic Designer
10. www.billyblue.us
11. 2008 Toyota Matrix XR
12. billyblue2005@gmail.com
Became a landed immigrant on Aug. 6th 2007.
Thought everything's gonna be alright once I got the PR but life is so cruel to overcome especially for the immigrants.
As a web-graphic designer or artist I wanna get an ideal job asap.
Don't be frustrated you will be alright!!
Got an ideal job on Feb. 11th. 2008 Finally yarr!!
New adventure awaits once again!!

Got a better job in October 2008.


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