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Men.Style.Com-Trend Reports: VW Space Up!

  Trend Reports: Petal Pushers VW Space Up!Despite the VW camper van's hippie connotations, the things tended to be gas-guzzlers. By contrast, the new Space Up! van—inspired by the Bug as well as the original camper—is emissions-free, running on a high-temperature fuel cell and an electric motor (combined, they give you a range of 220…
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Holsterbag From Kaos Inc. | The New Bag For Men

http://www.fashiontrendsetter.com/press/press_releases/images/2007/Holsterbag-01.jpghttp://www.fashiontrendsetter.com/press/press_releases/images/2007/Holsterbag-02.jpgManhood is breathing a sigh of relief: This is the end for crammed trouser pockets - thanks to holsterbag. The unique shoulder bag for men both counters stereotypes and tidies up the wardrobe. Masculine, stylish, practicable - bags for men are not only since the wrist holders somehow associated with old men style. Beatrice Larossa…
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Trend – wiktionary

Noun Singular trend Plural trends trend (plural trends) Inclination in a particular direction; tendency; general direction; as, the trend of a coast. A fad or fashion trend Verb Infinitiveto trend Third person singulartrends Simple pasttrended Past participletrended Present participletrending to trend (third-person singular simple present trends, present participle trending, simple past trended, past participle trended)…
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