Holsterbag From Kaos Inc. | The New Bag For Men

Manhood is breathing a sigh of relief: This is the end for crammed trouser pockets - thanks to holsterbag. The unique shoulder bag for men both counters stereotypes and tidies up the wardrobe.
Masculine, stylish, practicable - bags for men are not only since the wrist holders somehow associated with old men style. Beatrice Larossa says: "There's an end of it!" She redefines bags for men.

holsterbag is the shoulder bag for the modern man. Its functional handling as well as its stylish look makes holsterbag the perfect accessory for men who attach great importance to style and mobility. Steve McQueen put it across in the movie "Bullit": His shoulder holster served as fixation for his revolver and was practicable, hidden and very masculine.

Everything at its right place!
holsterbag has space for everything that modern men carry with them: money, mobile phone, keys, mp3 player, credit cards, identity card, cigarettes. At the same time holsterbag is hidden and does not limit mobility. The bag can be carried underneath the sack coats as well as on shirts or...even naked.

Classic - Executive - Top!
All holsterbags are produced with the highest accuracy and of material at highest quality. The holsterbag "original" is available in different leather types; the new series "holsterbagZ" is made of cloth and additionally includes a karabiner for keys.

All bags have an individual series number and include a top-quality Swiss zipper.

Order the holsterbag online, prices start at 69 Euro: www.holsterbag.eu

About kaos inc.
kaos inc. is a brand by the designer Beatrice Schulz. As "sparks for..." with her company "Larossa BV" she also works in interior- and product design. Born in 1969 in Frankfurt a.M., Beatrice Schulz studied fashion design in Hamburg. This is when her fascination for men's fashion began. After- wards she did postgraduate studies at the Fashion Academy in Florence, where she intensified her skills and "got the finishing touch". The native German lives and works since 1996 in the Nether- lands. www.kaos-inc.com


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