Fancy & Sexy! – Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar

Pricy? It's worth it!
Ryan is moving to Victoria in April, so we decided to dine out - a Fancy & Sexy dinner! I chose Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar one of the fanciest (and Sexiest) restaurants in Yaletown.

After a couple of drinks, we ordered Today's recommended fresh oysters.
They were juicy, fresh, and 'Spectacular'! They melted on my tongue right away!

Our main dish was the famous Seafood Tower - this two story building of seafood was tremendous yet beautiful.

The service was the best and our server was super cute & friendly.
Such a great experience + atmosphere.
Don't forget to ask: Today's recommended oysters!

Havana Club:

Raw Bar
Kusshi: Cortes Island, smaller, deep cup, mild taste $3.50

Seafood On Ice
Seafood Tower:
two tiers with oysters, prawns, seared red tuna, smoked salmon
jellyfish, scallops ceviche, clams and mussels $78.00
with additional of a whole chilled losbter 29.50 per pound



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