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From where do you buy your clothes? Do you visit expensive fashion outlets where the prices of clothes are sky high? Well, most of them do so. These clothes look damn nice when they are on the shelf. However, after washing them twice or thrice, they seem to lose all their beauty and charm. Some of the readymade clothes are ill fitted on you. This is because they are not made in order to suit your body type.

You can create any type of dress that you want to wear on your own. There are advantages of making your own clothes. They will be absolutely tailor made to suit your body type.

You can choose the color you want. Very often we like a particular dress but don't get it in the color of our choice. And, most importantly, the price is going to be very low. Sewing your own clothes mean getting to wear the best clothes without a dent being made into your pockets.

How To Design Your Own Clothes Sewing Patterns?

You can do this by using the many pattern aids that has developed. The Lutterloh Pattern Making System is one of them. This pattern making system enables you make your own outfit the way to want to. This system is really good as it gives very good fit to your clothes.

You just need to give 2 measurements and your dress will be made accordingly. It is a very advanced way of sewing clothes. This is a very easy system to learn. Anyone can work on this system, be it an expert or just a beginner.

The Lutterloh Pattern Making System is a bliss for those who are either very plump or those who are absolutely skinny. Usually these 2 categories of people don't find their size of clothes. They have to look around well for something that will fit them. Ant they don't have many choices when it comes to clothes.

Now that Lutterloh system is here, they can get plenty of clothes made to fit them. This system is very easy to find. You can order for this online and sew clothes sitting at home!

Many sites on the internet give teach you how to design patterns. You can learn some of the very interesting and unique techniques sitting at home. Learn these techniques properly and enrich your sense of style. You no longer have to submit yourself to the trends of the seasons. Toy can become a trend setter yourself!

Tailors curve is another sewing tool which helps you to sew clothes with perfect measurements for curves. They can be curves of the sleeves or coats or jackets. This tailoring equipment is good for both men as well as for women. If accuracy is what you are looking for, tailor's curve is just the tool for you. A ruler is given along with the designers curve so that you can derive the best measurements and tailor clothes accordingly. These rulers are used by the world's best designers.

Sewing pattern making has never been so interesting!

If sewing is your passion you will want to learn about the latest tools for pattern making, fitting and designing.We also have a 3 hour live seminar DVD that is available. To learn about these unique pattern design tools visit us at www.tru-fitpatterns.com

Author: Bruce Oleyar
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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