Create Your Own Made To Measure Sewing Pattern

Sewing your own designs is the best possible option when it comes to clothes. Nothing can be better than sewing your own clothes with the best designs. In order to sew intricate designs, you need to have access to the best pattern design tools.

The Advantages Of Right Tools:

Right tools can do wonders to your clothes. Even an ordinary piece of cloth can be made to look really beautiful, if it is tailored with the right tool. The sewing pattern tools are very user friendly and they enable you to sew the toughest and the most intricate pattern with absolute ease. The tools enable you to make the most desirable dress at the cheapest price. The fit of the clothes are really good as they are tailor made especially for you.

Let Us Look At The Tools In A Greater Detail:

Some of the important tools when you are talking about pattern designing are:

DESIGNER'S CURVE: this is a very important tool as far as pattern making is concerned. Famous designers created this equipment and therefore it is a very useful tool as far as making designs on clothes are concerned. Those who have designed this equipment have done so keeping in mind the preferences of the consumers. In this tool there are holes in the front and in the back. Even the toughest designs can be created by sowing with the help of these holes.

Even beginners can design dresses with the help of this tool. They can create beautiful designs with minimum effort. These designers can utilize this equipment for the purpose of commercial pattern making. There is a ruler attached to this tool. Overall, the tool is a very cost effective one and in a matter of a few minutes you can get the best possible design.

TAILOR'S CURVE: this tool is used for making seems below the hip region. The waist line and the crotch. This one too, like the previous equipment, is superfast equipment and within a matter of a few seconds the design is complete. Both men as well as women's clothes are designed using these equipments. Some of the leading international designers use the tailor's curve to design their clothes.

In this equipment there are altogether 7 rulers. This equipment has options of doing seems that are below the waistline, bellow the hip region and in the region of the crotch. These tools present an easy way out when it comes to making patterns. They work really fast but don't compromise on the quality. The patterns that are created are of the finest quality.

SEWING GAUGE: this tool helps to make the curve region perfectly in the right measurement. It also ensures that the buttons are placed at an even distance from each other and other minute details are also taken care of by this equipment.

If you want to create flawless sewing patterns then these are the tools that you won't be able to do without.

If sewing is your passion you will want to learn about the latest tools for pattern making, fitting and designing. We also have a 3 hour live seminar DVD that is available. To learn about these unique pattern design tools visit us at

Author: Bruce Oleyar
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