The World of Warcraft Fishing Guide is a Good Catch

Go fish! Using a World of Warcraft fishing guide can help you train one of the games free secondary skills. Many of us have fond memories of huge catches throughout our lives. The World of Warcraft (WoW) gives you the opportunity to revive your love for the sport, without needing to dig up worms at 5:00 in the morning!

World of Fishing
Where can you find fishing trainers? After you have created a new WOW character, you will likely encounter one in the second town that you encounter. After you train for fishing, you can train in virtually all bodies of water, including lakes, oceans, ponds, and rivers. In higher level zones, you can also find fishing areas needing high levels of fishing skills.

The Fishing Levels
The World of Warcraft includes five total fishing levels: Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, and Master. Before you cast your first line, some important information you should know about each of the level includes:
Fishing Level Max., Fishing Skill Allowed Min., Character Level Apprentice 75 5,Journeyman 150 10, Expert 225 20, Artisan 300 40, Master 375 45.

Expert Fishing Level
To receive training for expert fishing, you must buy and utilize the book entitled, Expert Fishing: The Bass and You. According to a World of Warcraft fishing guide, the book's price tag is (1) gold. You can buy this book fro Old Man Hemming. He is in Stranglethorn Vale, which is located in (the town) Booty Bay. Another option is to purchase the text at the Auction House, though the cost is much higher.

Artisan Fishing Level
You must complete two quests, in order to reach the Artisan fishing level. Furthermore, you need a fishing skill of 225 to acquire this quest, and reach level 40. To avoid a certain bug in the game, fish up your skill to 226 prior to exiting Nat Pagle.

Master Fishing Level
You can only train this level by buying and utilizing a special book. You can buy the text for (5) gold from Juno Dufrain, in Zangarmash.

The Right Tools for the Best Fishing
When fishing in World of Warcraft, it is important to have the proper equipment. That includes fishing poles, baubles, and lures. It is important to do your homework (such as reviewing a World of Warcraft fishing guide) to determine how to secure the various types of equipment.

Fishing for Gold
Besides filling your own stomach, you can fish for fishes that other people require. Furthermore, if you learn to cook, then you can also earn gold by cooking. The type of fishes that you catch determine how much you boost your skill of cooking and how much money you earn.

Whether or not you enjoy eating fish in real life, a World of Warcraft fishing guide can help you to catch, cook, and sell fish in World of Warcraft. The game can be fishy, but that is a good thing!

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