Spring Maternity Clothes Are Vintage Cool

What is appealing now about maternity clothes is the large variety in all selections, from maternity jeans to tops, women have much more of a selection now than ever before. This is so great because when you're showing off your bump you want to look cute, fashionable and comfortable. Before women had very little to choose from, maternity fashion came in one or two styles and were very unfashionable. They were designed to fit your growing shape and that was about all. Now you can get maternity tops that look like pre-pregnancy wear in styles that mirror catwalk fashion. The pouch for your growing belly stretches in many shirts now, so that you don't have any baggy material hanging down in the early stages of your belly growing. Many maternity bottoms are made now to ride under your belly, so that you don't have that big material piece to pull up. Much of the reviews on that new trend have been overwhelmingly positive. Women find those bottoms much more comfortable than the traditional over the belly pants or skirts.

This Spring 2011 you'll find that the maternity designers are closely following the runway, and since vintage fashion will be all the rage, maternity clothes will not be left behind. From lacy pieces to muted colors and little heels paired with leggings, you'll see this in all of the maternity stores. Olian Maternity has a large line of geometrical prints, flowy tops with leggings and super trendy denim styles debuting this January for Cruise. The styles are modern, but with that fun vintage flair that hasn't been back until now.

Of course maternity dresses will still come in many different styles, for each type of occasion you could think of. It's important to have a large selection of basics like maternity dresses, jeans, shorts and tops for the discerning expectant woman. There will be many days when the only thing that feels good is a maternity sweat suit and that is perfectly acceptable. However if you want to be stylish and not miss a season of fashion you definitely will be able to with what maternity has to offer now. Especially since these are also offered at affordable and cheap prices!

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Author: Elisa M Hansen
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