World of Warcraft – What the Future Holds

What do you know of World of Warcraft? Some will remain silent due to lack of knowledge while others will try to be smart by means of the wrong answer. The reality is that some people still do not know of World of Warcraft but are found to speculate over its future along with others. World of Warcraft, in reality, happens to be an exclusive MMORPG game and the creation of the Blizzard Entertainment'. The credit goes to Blizzard since other MMORPG games could not challenge World of Warcraft in respect of popularity.

Now the question remains why is World of Warcraft so successful? On this there have been several studies and the researchers have tried to establish their own views. Well if you are aware of the World of Warcraft you know that it is a role-playing game. The chief concept of the game is to be a multi-player role-playing game. Here the players can come form different parts of the world. Through the game these people can conjoin in a practical world full of mysticism.

Along with this, if they intend, they can engage themselves in many other activities. They may be any like fighting, formation of gilds, earning plenty of money, purchasing items and also weapons. Furthermore they can aim at higher levels. But if you consider this as a recent phenomenon and accomplishment you will be badly mistaken. To be precise from the decade of nineties it has been going on as a specimen of financial and technological success. But now the question remains of its future in the coming decades. It is true that the present financial condition in the global spectrum is extremely unstable. There are good examples when several companies with good financial and technological background are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Many are therefore asking of the future of World of Warcraft in this climate. The confusion is persisting on two questions. Will there be more innovations that will keep players online? What would be the next steps of the Blizzard Entertainment?

There is no doubt that Blizzard is resolute to maintain its success come what may. For this reason, to the pundits, in this fast changing environment there is the necessity of new excitements for the players. It is worthwhile to mention that on the very last year Blizzard introduced the first World of Warcraft extension known as The Burning Crusade. The introduction proved to be unique and rocked the admirers by means of new traits. They include new quests, new races of creatures, new items and 10 new levels. Apart from this Blizzard was also instrumental in developing the various forms of side products.

For all these reasons the credibility of both World of Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are established. The only job of Blizzard at this hour is to maintain the impulse and to change the game's scenario. To many if Blizzard can bring forth innovative concepts steadily it will continue to retain its magic.

It's certain, whatever may be the course of events, World of Warcraft is confident of an assured future.

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Author: Rikard Ingvarsson
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