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The creative lounge is a business directory that is dedicated to provide a good exposure to art and creativity. It has a vision to create a solid business background for the client that provides a guarantee for the good future. The pillars of development are excellence in visual communication and promotion of design innovation. Just from their start as a consultancy, the company has grown rapidly as an exiting, creative and diverse advertising and web agency that is a dedicated resource to creative work.

The selling and promotion of the creative work is an important part of a business and has a positive role in promoting it. It is a business directory that brings together the people of creative society where they can discuss about their business and shares information about the latest innovation.

It is a place for the art societies, organizations and institutes to meet together and discuss about their problems and forms a common attitude. Every business must have a positive and exiting image in the mind of the customer if it wants to be a booming sector. The creativeness play an important role in getting the business run on a fast pace.

It is easy to get registered on the creative lounge. The user has to choose particular categories of his business. The other necessary information for registration is Name, Email and Title. Two different intro and extro text along with the images can be posted on the site.
The categories available are institute, company, artist, designers, portfolio, artist service, resources, designer studios, galleries and software.

In the portfolio category an artist, organization or a company can share the information about their achievements, vision or goal of life. The intro and extro text is enough to provide necessary information to the user.

In company or an organization category, the company or organization provides the specific information about their products and services along with the details of contact. It provides the email or other method of contact to invite feedback from the users.
The directory is totally dedicated to the artists and creative world and provide a good exposure all over the world. The online presence is always beneficial to spread your business at a fast pace. It is a type of networking that helps to get the opinion about the product in the market.
Any organization or agency that is associated with some creative work can get registered on the directory. All type of creative work including the photography, creative designing and software are welcomed on the site. The site provide a good networking for the innovative people.

It is easy to search a particular business organization or institute on the directory. The index is arranged alphabetically and can be searched by providing a particular keyword. The search can be ordered according to the requirement. By default it sorts the results according to the latest posting in a category. The visitor can view the popular results out of a category by sorting it on the basis of popularity.

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