Wedding Dresses in 2011 – Great Looks for Every Bride

The year 2011 seems to have brought a significant change in the bridal dressing. The traditional wedding dressing style of being sexy and slinky has now changed to "belle of the ball" as brides of all ages now seek to fulfill their cherished wild fantasies and their girlhood dreams. As a matter of fact, there is no specific trend of wedding dresses this year. The only trend that now prevails is to have fun, and there is no or wrong when it comes to choosing your own style statement.

Although anything that is sexy and silky can give you a whole of heat this year, women who desire to look as "goddesses" can choose the elegant Grecian gowns. This year's collections of these Grecian gowns feature dresses made out of flowing materials and high waist, and are just ideal for brides who are slim and have less on top. However, women are more endowed on the top and are looking to show off their cleavage can certainly go for any gorgeous ball gowns. This will, however, require them to place less emphasis on their legs. These ball gowns are just great, but you will need all the support from your bridesmaids to "squish" you into these. Well, getting out of them is sure to create a very different kind of fantasy for you.

This year also witnesses the comeback of the glamour of the 1950's, and in a very big way. The ultra tight "mermaid styled" gowns with broad skirt tails attached to them have been in high demand all through the country. Also, belted dresses that come in a variety of hemlines from being short in front to all around floor-length are also regaining their popularity. It does feel good to see that brides of this era still find that the dresses worn by their grandmothers were perfect.

In addition to the two fashion comebacks from the 50's, we see another addition in the wedding dress market this year. The tea length dress is another one such look that is inspired from the fashion of the 60's and can offer the ideal look for brides that are petite and want to wear something that is less formal and can be comfortably worn for fun after noon weddings. Mini dresses claim to be among the hottest trends of the year, and are just suitable for a "funky" bride who would want to wear something different, something that more free and offers comfort for the reception, even enabling her to dance all night.

As a matter of fact, fun and color are the most important aspects of wedding dresses this year. This can be simply understood by the fact that lots of women have chosen to, and still choose to forego the traditional white color for other attractive colors such as blue, pink, lavender and green. This year also sees a wide attraction for metallic fabrics, beadings and feathers as opposed to last year's strapless looks.

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Author: Monaza Tahir
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