Hawking’s “The Grand Design” – Bogus?


Given the existence of gravity "The universe can and will create itself from nothing," says the great man among men, Hawking. There is reference to "Spontaneous is creating," for his reasoning of how nothing became something in his new theory, how and why the universe was created. He goes on to say, "it is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper (fuse) and set the universe going." From this, we all came into existence from. He thinks he has answered the ultimate question of life in the universe, saying, implying, "Gravity."


Even better, who lit the torch that lit the universe on fire that gave the sun that gives light and heat to the earth that gave life to man, with a balanced Solar System around earth? This is no new theory Hawking has come across, it's just plane old Cult Science. Like in those old magazines called "Weird Tales." Even Stephen King comes up with better narrated stories than this. And he may not say it but he writes it, Darwinism is mixed with his new concept, or calls it intuition. The New Testament for the Atheists, as Darwin's was for the Old Testament for the Atheists. More Science Fiction than provable science.


Mr. Hawking feels he has filled in an old gap, when in essence he has simple put a new brick on top of old ones. And lowered his credibility in my eyes; and here I thought him to be a genius. Isn't the real question unanswered here: how did something come from nothing? And in his case he has grabbed "Gravity," in place of God. To me, he simply fills one hole and digs another. To be frank, I don't think God needed the Universe in the first place to prove his existence, because he existed before the Universe. And by the nature of God, the Universe was created, of and by him. I do believe his theory will do him more harm than good. It makes him look silly. Perhaps the Devil took a personal like for him, and now they are working together.



He comes out as if this is the new Apocalyptic Theory, hidden information, revelation of the new era, (lifting of the Veil), where in essence it is the same old falsehoods, misconceptions that dominated Russia and those other countries that tried to do away with God for personal reasons. These are smoke-screens (straw men), Pseudo (or Seudo)-information:

To be honest, I doubt it would be all that hard (if I were God, and I'm not) to create something out of nothing, thus, not even needing gravity in the beginning, but creating gravity, because of, for the existence of, the universe. How so you say? Simple! You don't need 20-PhD.s to figure this out, a Junior High School kid, could do it. If indeed God was a circle, and the circle represented infinity, and He was, and is omnipotent, made a twist in its middle (like me bending down and touching my toes and putting my head through my feet, like those yoga folks do), thus, he has already created two circles has he not? Something out of nothing; now lets say he takes the two circles and in the middle twists again, creating several knots, now he's created two things, knots and a double circle, like an eight. Let's take this one step further, and he takes one circle and jumps through the other, he has now created three circles has he not, something again out of nothing, or something out of himself, that was not before. And all he did was a few twists, I mean he really didn't put a lot of effort into this, and this my friend is just the beginnings.


The Trinity

So let's call this all up, one circle turned into two, with knots, and then two turned into three. Now I am not calling this the Christian Trinity, it's just an example of something coming from nothing, because the trinity was always one, and one in three. Anyhow, God has become a creator, not the Universe, the Universe works because of God; God doesn't work for the Universe. Now God moves, this creates friction, like snapping your fingers, one reaction creates a ripple effect, all three circles bend, and now God unties the knots, and spreads out the center where there were knots, now there is a big opening with the three circles around it (God), and he calls it 'The Universe' friction creates motion, like slapping a new born baby on the back to start his breathing, or the tapping of a time piece, to start the ticking. And since God is God, all things are drawn to him, like a magnet, Hawking calls it gravity-but God's gravity is multi dimensional. Too complex for Hawking evidently; and if we search time within the universe, we go back some twelve-billion years: why not further? Because we can't, beyond that point, there was no creation that is when God said I'll start my creation!"

You see, there are no holes to fill or dig, no new bricks to be laid on top of others, and any Junior High School kid can come up with this simple theory, perhaps Hawking should take a long rest.

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Author: Dennis Siluk Ed.D.
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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