Playing a World of Warcraft Warlock

Playing a World of Warcraft warlock is definitely something that everyone should try at least once. This class has a lot to offer and you will find that whether you are intent on soloing or whether you want to do your part in a raid or an instance, that a Warlock can come in handy. World of Warcraft warlocks are ranged magic users and they specialize in dark or shadow magic. In game lore, warlocks were once normal magic users who gave up that path in order to pursue greater power, often at the cost of their own morality. Because of this, warlock spells and attacks often consist of words like "corruption" or "agony."

There are several advantages to playing a World of Warcraft warlock. First, it is the only class in the game besides the hunter and the hero class of the death knight that allows the use of a pet. A pet is invaluable, especially when you are intent upon soloing, and with a pet, you can take on enemies that are a few levels higher than you. A warlock will soon learn to make use of his or her pet depending on what the situation is. The voidwalker, for instance, is excellent as a tank that will take damage for you as you are soloing, while the felhunter is perfect when you are fighting against spellcasters. Other pets that you will be able to take advantage of include the imp, the succubus, the doomguard and the felguard.

Warlocks are often highly dependent on their pet for support; one of the disadvantages of playing a World of Warcraft warlock is that they are only allowed to wear cloth armor, which is the flimsiest armor in the game. Because of this, when you are playing a warlock, you need to learn to keep your distance from the attacking enemies if at all possible. Though they do not have the same crowd control potential as a rogue or a mage, a warlock can still be good for a raid through the use of their Banish, Enslave Demon ad Seduction spells. When you are soloing, Fear and Howl of Terror can help you get through a group.

Another thing that you should remember when you are playing a World of Warcraft warlock is that you are going to need to keep Soul Shards on hand. Soul Shards are created when you use your Drain Life ability on an enemy of a roughly equal level to you and they die while you are doing it. This creates a Soul Shard, and with it, you'll be able to do essential things like summon up your pets. The Imp is the only pet that you do not need a Soul Shard to summon.

Warlocks lack any innate healing ability, so remember to level up your First Aid profession. Similarly, many warlocks will turn to Alchemy and to Herbalism, the former because it makes you potions that you can take when you get into a pinch, and the latter for the healing ability of Lifeblood.

Take some time and consider whether you want to play a World of Warcraft warlock; there is a lot of potential here for a lot of great fun!

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