How To Choose Creative Color Combinations For Your Design Projects

It is imperative you understand fully what this subject is about. When we say something's creative, it involves the use of skill and the imagination to produce something new. Skill is also involved in the creative process so that you already have a fair knowledge of the subject in question before you can introduce creativity into it.

To be creative in color combinations, you require skills in color combination itself. This article will in all sincerity show you to combine colors appropriately to produce stunning effects.

Color is an element in design. In fact, the single most important element of any design piece. To the designer, colors are pigment, pigments rendered on surfaces.

The best way to gain a knowledge of color is to experience working from observation and recording the effects of color. Nobody's going to wait till you learn to observe colors. The world's moving at a pace you may never catch up with. So the best way's to start from the under outlined suggestions.

As visual communicators, we must observe that combinations and arrangements of colors are for the purpose of expressing contents and meaning.
Generally, in all good color combination, there are some relationship and some contrast. Where colors relate in hue, they may exhibit some contrast in value and or intensity and vice versa. A very simple technique for creative color unity and balance is the repetition of similar color tones in different parts of the whole -the design - the composition.

Creative color combinations require the knowledge of

o Basic color theory.

o The color wheel - an indispensable material you must be familiar with.

o The properties of color - hue, chroma and value.

o The additive and subtractive color methods

o Color relationships, color contrast, tonal graduation and a lot more on how color relates together to produce any desired effect.

A very basic guide is available here - see resourse.
You'll get all of the insider information you need to become a color guru.

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Author: Achi Amaechi
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