Try Before You Buy, Trying A World Of Warcraft Demo

World of warcraft is not just a popular online game, it is the most popular online game in the history of online gaming. Never before have there been millions of people who played the same game all over the world. But all of those people were at one time also completely new to the game. Most of them have at one time played the World of Warcraft demo or in other words the trial version. This demo is useful for everyone who would like to give this game a try. Even when you are absolutely sure that you want to play this game and are willing to spend the money on it, you should first try the demo, because to see is not the same as to do.

You could ask yourself why you would need a World of Warcraft demo. That's a valid question if you keep in mind that there already is tons of information on the internet about the game and you probably have seen the game at your friends house, why can't I just start playing the game? Did you really read all those reviews and forums? And did they all say the same thing? Probably not and that's why it's always good to play the game yourself to make your own mind and to form you own opinion.

So for those that did read all about world of warcraft and just want to get started, and those that didn't, what is the true value of a World of Warcraft demo? As we said before seeing is not the same as doing, by playing the World of Warcraft demo for ten days you can gain allot of experience and after those ten days you can be sure that this is what you really want or not. And you can take your demo character with you as you upgrade to the full version.

Were do you start with your World of Warcraft Demo?

Well, you go to the worldofwarcraft site and create an account you also need to select a server you want to play on. When you have friends who play world of warcraft and you want to meet them in the game you need to be on the same server as they are. So ask them before you choose a server. Each server is a separate game and you can't switch to another game.

There are tree kinds of servers:

- normal - player versus environment

- player versus player

- role playing

You need to download the World of Warcraft demo from the server of your choice but if you don't know which kind you should choose search on the internet about the differences. When you have selected a server, you need to create your own character by choosing a race, appearance and class. after that you can start playing the game.

There are a few free trials available for the World of Warcraft demo these depend on the country where you live. The World of Warcraft demo provide a benefit for both you as consumer and for the manufacturer that can never be overstated enough. After the ten day demo you can upgrade your account to a full version by purchasing the game from a software and video game retailer. After the upgrade you can keep your character and all trial restrictions are removed. By now you can really start gaming and you no longer need the World of Warcraft demo. Success!

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