The Art of Logo Graphic Design

Logo graphic design is an art anyone can learn. The best place to start is by studying the form and function of logos you see everyday, especially those pertaining to the industry you want to design for. If you are wanting to design your own logo for your construction business, you will want to spend some time studying the logos of other companies in the construction industry. Never copy their logos, but it is a great source for research.

Logos need to be simple. The more busy a logo is, the more negative impression it tends to leave on the viewer. Since your logo is the window with which the world sees your business, you want to minimize negativity. Don't try to be too exact with your logo. Symbolism can play an important role in coming up with ideas for a logo design. It is simple and effective and as long as it is not too abstract, people can often relate to the symbolism.

Logo graphic design is a process. You will spend a lot of time researching, drawing, sketching, throwing ideas away, pulling your hair out, and sighing. But in the end, you will find just that perfect mark that will bring exactly the right image of your product to the viewers mind. But you're not done yet. You have found that mark, now take the extra time to perfect it.

First, always start designing your logo in black and white. This helps you to better see the contrast of the design and how it works together. You can go back and add color later, but you first must make sure the design works well without it. Don't forget about the negative space. This is any space that does not have a graphic or text. Sometimes, the best logos make excellent use out of what is not there, rather than what is.

I am a certified graphic designer who is sometimes appalled at the high prices other designers charge for simple website graphic design. I have found that most people, with a little know-how, can learn to design web graphics without the need for expensive design suites.

Author: T Westberry
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