Top 3 Sexiest Short Prom Dress Styles for 2011

Fashion gurus across the board all seem to be endorsing the sexiest short prom dress styles for 2011.

In fact, shorter formal garments have a certain trendy appeal that stands out amongst traditional gowns and common long dresses. These new Hollywood-inspired styles are actually perfect for today's modern young woman.

While some short styles embrace an edgy, ground-breaking look, others offer a new spin on some classic and true styles. Whether you choose a subtle, sultry design or the ultimate sexy bombshell dress, we have compiled a few of the top sexiest styles of 2011. These key trends have been reoccurring themes in some of the world's most anticipated catwalks and designer fashion shows. The following looks will bring out your inner fashionista by combining the highest degree of trendiness with just the right amount of classic style.

One Shoulder Styles

The one shoulder trend has been prominent in all sorts of garments, from dressy tops to evening gowns. This year, one shoulder dresses are making a grand appearance in proms across the country. Ranging from a sleeveless garment to a mid-length sleeve design to a long-sleeve dress, the eminent one-shoulder look can be embodied in a broad range of styles.

The Bubble Hem

A popular 80's trend, the bubble hem prom dress is back and better than ever. Today's bubble hem features a sleeker, updated version of the original retro-chic style. The bubble hem looks best on evening dresses that have a regular or heart-shaped strapless neckline. Bubble hem styles can range from bright, fun colors like pink, teal, and purple to darker, more classic shades like red, navy, and black. Some bubble hem have more volume than others, so make sure you try a few styles on to find the one that fits you the best and is most flattering for your body type.

The Strapless Dress

From a classic strapless neckline to a heart-shaped style, the strapless dress is one trend that never goes out of style. Although traditionally women were afraid to wear a dress that was short and strapless, some of the sexiest dresses for 2011 happen to be strapless and we absolutely love it. The key to wearing a strapless, shorter dress is to go with something that is just a few inches over the knee and that is not fitted all throughout the garment. Remember, a sexy prom look is achieved by combining a classy style with just the right amount of appeal. Showing too much skin is a fashion no-no!

Keep in mind that the ideal sexy short dress really depends on your individual style and personality. Experiment with different styles and find what fits you best for the ultimate dress design and an unforgettable prom night.

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