The Top 5 World of Warcraft Leveling Tips

Here's a nifty World of Warcraft leveling tip that might help you speed through the WoW leveling process. Power levelers tend to work on specific class tips and grinding spots. They focus on completing as many quests as possible in a short time, staying on to grind good mobs after the quest is done in some spots. Good WoW leveling tips will show you exactly how and where to grind for best results in World of Warcraft.

However, there is one way guaranteed to triple your XP rate and power through the leveling up process quickly in World of Warcraft. Here's a step-by-step leveling guide on how to make this WoW leveling tip work for you.

Tip #1

If you have a friend or Guild member who is a higher level than you in World of Warcraft, ask them nicely if they'll come out grinding with you for an hour or so. Don't join up as a group. Just hang out in the same grinding spot together.

Tip #2

Find a great grinding spot with plenty of mobs and enemies that re-spawn quickly. You need to try to find monsters that are at least 3 levels higher than you are in World of Warcraft. This is very important to get the best results for this particular tip.

In fact, if your friend is a high enough level, you might try for one of the lower level instances. There are some great Elite monsters inside World of Warcraft and if your friend is 15 or 20 levels higher than those enemies, then you'll enjoy this method of power leveling a lot more.

Tip #3

Have you ever noticed that the person who 'tags' an enemy first gets the XP in World of Warcraft, regardless of who dishes out the actual damage? When you target enemies in WoW, their name bar should show as red to signify that they're an enemy. If you click on a monster that's already been hit, or tagged, by another player in World of Warcraft, then it will show gray.

You want to tag as many World of Warcraft enemies as you possibly can before your grinding buddy hits them. However, you don't want to kill them.

Tip #4

This is where having your World of Warcraft friend at a higher level along to grind with you comes in handy. Make sure YOU hit the enemy first. Just once is enough. Then let your higher-level friend finish it off in one or two hits. Because you tagged the monsters, you get all the XP.

If you've chosen World of Warcraft enemies that are higher levels than you, then the XP you receive as your friend kills them will be much higher than you would have received from killing mobs at or below your own level un World of Warcraft.

Tip #5

You might want to buy a couple of the World of Warcraft power leveling guides that explain and show you the best grinding spots for fast re-spawn that will also give you excellent loot drops.

The reason behind this WoW leveling tip is simple - if you can find the best grinding places that also drop great loot at the same time in World of Warcraft, then you'll be leveling up your character faster than anyone you know. It's a pretty cool World of Warcraft leveling tip.

Are you grinding and grinding, but still can't seem to level up quick enough? Take action now and get yourself a good WoW leveling guide and discover the secrets of leveling up quickly.

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