Jersey Shore Season 2 Preview Trailer Released: Watch the Trailer

by Amy Judd | June 30, 2010 at 12:42 pm

Jersey Shore Season 2 is Just Weeks Away on MTV and the First Teaser Trailer For the Season Has Been Released

If you thought season 1 was crazy, then get ready for season 2, which from the short clips in the trailer, proves to be even crazier with more fights, more hook-ups, more fist pumps and of course more of The Situation referring to himself as The Situation.

The trailer starts with images of a snowy New York and the 'snowmageddon' that struck that part of the United States earlier this year.

Snooki announces 'we're coming to Miami!' before a few shots of the cast drinking and dancing flash by. Pauly D says he is so excited to be back with all his roommates and yells 'I'm in Miami bitch!'.

Next we get our first glimpse of Ronnie and Sammi together - are they a couple or aren't they? They share a somewhat awkward hug and Sammi says 'I definitely think it's going to be tough living with Ronnie again'. Around the 1:22 mark Ronnie is back on camera saying he wants to do what he wants and then he's seen dancing with a couple of girls in their underwear. A voice (that doesn't sound like Sammi's we think) says over the top of images of Sammi and Ronnie together 'he told me today I'm his girlfriend'. Sammi yells at Ronnie that he's been lying to her this whole time and then we see him in some kind of three-way kiss with Sammi yelling to him 'I'm done!'

Jwoww calls Sammi 'the dumbest thing on the planet' who says to Sammi 'did you grow some balls all of a sudden?' and Sammi replies 'you always had balls honey'. Sammi thinks Jwoww wants Ronnie (we don't) but of course a fight breaks out between the two girls with lots of slapping and screaming.

One of the biggest moments of the season premiere will be when Angelina arrives and it looks like the rest of the cast had no idea that she was coming. We don't see much more of her in the trailer but no doubt she creates some serious drama.

Naturally The Situation manages to pick up some 'grenades' as he calls less attractive women than he would like to sleep with, and there's some weird insinuation that Snooki and Vinny get it on, and Angelina and Snooki even seem to fight over it.

Are you excited for season 2?


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