Ex-Lover Rips Tila Tequila: She’s Doing Celebrity Rehab For The Money | RadarOnline.com

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Ex-Lover Rips Tila Tequila: She's Doing Celebrity Rehab For The Money | RadarOnline.com

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Courtenay Semel is slamming her ex-girlfriend Tila Tequila for doing Celebrity Rehab 4, claiming she’s only in it for the money.

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Semel, who dated Tila in 2008, vented her feelings on her facebook and Twitter pages on Tuesday where she accused her ex of doing Celebrity Rehab for the paycheck.

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RadarOnline.com reported exclusively Tuesday that Tila’s drug problem includes snorting Ambien.

“She is addicted to publicity. Horrible human being. Please just go away,” a friend of Semel posted on Facebook. someone else commented on Semel's post saying, “I can’t stand that b***h. Out of all the celebs I ran into at the Maxim party last week she was the one I stayed away from. Just a hot, drunken, attention whorish mess!!!”

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Semel questioned Tila’s motive for admitting to a drunk problem, addressing her comments to Dr. Drew Pinsky.

“Hey Dr. Drew, don’t you find it interesting that once you offered Tila Tequila a paycheck and a camera crew she finally admitted to her drug problemo? What a joke.” She wrote on her Facebook.

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Semel also tweeted, “Wow! Tila has FINALLY admitted she has a drug problem. More like Celeb Rehab is her ONLY option left for a camera op. Desperate much?! Totally think Dr. Drew is amazing at what he does but he shouldn’t allow someone on that show that’s doing it for the sole purpose of press.”

She also wrote about Tila: “Wonder why she never admitted to this problem before? Oh ya, money talks.”

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On her new Web site Tila wrote that VH-1 could give her a spin off show about her “sober life” if Celeb Rehab goes well. She also talked extensively about being an entrepreneur.


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