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please wait while Windows configures iTunes | Ramblings of a Lazy Guy

please wait while Windows configures iTunes

Posted January 28th @ 10:08 am by paul

I ran into a funny little bug between Vista Home and iTunes, recently. My iTunes program requested an automatic update, which I performed.

After performing the update and restarting my computer, I found that iTunes would try to install itself each time I started it up as though the installation never quite finished. A box that said, “please wait while Windows configures iTunes” would pop up each time, take several seconds to complete its task, put new icons on my Desktop and in my Start Menu, annoy me, taunt me and then finally begin iTunes.

I’d like to view this as a well-deserved poke to Microsoft from Apple. Microsoft, as inept as they are, still seems to be able to get between me and my work. More and more I believe this is mostly because I allow it to do so. I haven’t switched to a Mac yet because I have too much software for PC and don’t want to have to make such a huge investment to switch over. Microsoft, I suspect, knows this and does everything in its power to punish me for staying with them.

I have a Dell Vostro with every conceivable bell and whistle on it. Recently, as I was preparing to give a presentation, it took a good 30 minutes to try to connect my laptop to a projector. That’s fine unless you only anticipate needing 15 minutes to set up.

The issue was that I had Dell hardware with nVidia software running on a Windows platform. I plugged in the projector and Dell said to nVidia, “hey, there’s a projector plugged in. Do something.”

nVidia said, “yeah, I should switch to that projector.”

Windows said, “I should ask a bunch of security questions and make sure they want to use that projector before allowing it.”

The result was that nVidia shut off my monitor, and Windows wouldn’t send the signals to the projector until I clicked “allow” on all of the security questions… which I couldn’t see.

Finally, and this is quickly becoming my default answer to any computer problems, I cut Microsoft out of the loop. Dell and nVidia gave Windows a ball and said, “go play in the corner while we work.”

…So back to my iTunes problem.

Turns out the solution is not simple. It’s related to some user access permissions garbage that I don’t understand and has done nothing but make my life miserable since switching to Vista. I can’t just uninstall and reinstall the software. The problem persists. I can’t install it as an administrator to solve the issue, either. Reinstalling with UAC (User Annoyed Constantly) switched on or off doesn’t help.

I found the solution on Apple’s support forum ( after trolling through several other forums posing the same question with no answer.

It involves messing with my registry, which I don’t recommend unless you know the risks involved, but I was desperate and it seems to have worked and this method was successful for several others with the same problem:


1.) go to start menu –> run
2.) type “regedit”
3.) press enter
4.) go to computer/hkey_classes_root/
5.) find pcast and right click it
6.) click permissions
7.) during the course of this you may get a message saying you cant change anything, but you can change who can change things. click ok on it.
8.) click advanced, then owner tab
9.) change the owner from administrator to whatever name you are using
10.) click ok twice to get out of the pop-ups completely
11.) right click pcast again
12.) click permissions
13.) click OWNER RIGHTS
14.) by full control and read click the allow boxes.
15.) click ok

I’m pretty sure that by the time I finished this involved process, iTunes has a new version out and society has advanced to the point that we now have flying cars (hopefully not running on any Microsoft software).

If not, at least I can listen to my music without having to watch Windows reinstall iTunes each time.

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