Kaba Modern Encore Performance

this will air next week on the finale show. this was taped the episode they were kicked off but was not shown leading more reason to believe that mtv had planned this as a rating ploy. first kanye now this. mtv blows.
from article in OC Register by Katherine Nguyen:
The audience, made up of mostly JabbaWockeeZ and Kaba Modern fans, began chanting: "Keep them both! Keep them both!"
In the end, the judges voted to send Kaba Modern home, even though various blogs and YouTube comments were teeming with fans anticipating a finale with only the two West Coast crews.
When it was announced that Kaba Modern was eliminated, the group huddled together on stage in a big group hug.
The audience began chanting again: "Let Kaba dance! Let Kaba dance!"
Until the last few episodes, Kaba Modern had consistently placed at or near the top for all the challenges, which ranged from dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to mimicking a popular MTV dance video and portraying movie characters.
But Kaba Modern faltered in last week's challenge. The task was to add hip-hop flair to a Broadway number and Kaba Modern had to perform to Grease's "You're the One that I Want." During the routine, Yuri Tag missed a step and was later singled out during a critique by judge Lil' Mama.
This week, the dancers explained what happened: "Our music got changed last minute," said Mike Song. "So at 10 p.m. the night before, we had to make adjustments to our choreography."
*Someone posted this in the MTV.com forums... i would've love to have heard them but MTV is gay and will always be gay for there stupid camera angles as well as having this show rigged!!!
"~ READ ~ I was at the show ~ I was at the show for episode 7 live and was shocked when they announced that Status quo had the most votes, which made Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez go against one another for elimination....... Everybody that was at the show during the shoot for episode 7 was chanting RECOUNT! and were BOOING the results when Status Quo was announced with the most votes, which is not shown on TV and the Internet.


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