How to solve the adobe CS3 installer problem with Vista

gorodek - 8:49am May 1, 07 PST (#59 of 149)
Edited: 01-May-2007 at 08:57am

It took me a few hours to roughly figure out what happens on my
system and till now I'm still not absolutely sure why the error appears, but
certainly Javascript, IE and the Adobe installer are involved.

To be more specific: The installer quits with an exception
when javascript tries to open "window.external.ANYMETHOD".
Since the problem is NOT SOLVED and only BYPASSED in the follwing steps you might
want to wait for a better solution from Adobe itself (RECOMMENDED),
but with this way I got all products installed and removed again.

0. This workaround is only tested on Windows XP SP2 with Adobe CS3 Design Premium.
To fully complete the next steps be sure you have some experience in handling a
text editor and the Windows Explorer.

1. Start the Setup as usual and let it copy over a few files
and than - after a short popup - let him disappear. There shouldn't be
any other errors except the described above, otherwise you have to deal
with these first (eg. run the cleanup script, if the setup complains
about an allready running installation etc).

2. Now open up your Windows Explorer and go to
[C]/\[Program Files]\[Common Files]\Adobe\Installers\c14ac4070fd9614ffe63f4bb533db2c\resources\common\scripts
( "[]" Depending on your installation and language).
Alternatively you can press [WinKey]+R and type in:

3. Locate a file called "ContainerProxy.js" in the opened Window and
open it with a text editor of your choice (notepad will be adequate).
Right click on the file -> Open with -> Notepad.

4. Go to line 1102 or simply search for
"jsonObj = _jsonToObject(window.external.SetSessionInitialized(initValue));"
and replace this line with
"jsonObj = _jsonToObject(SetSessionInitialized(initValue));"

5. Save the file by pressing [Strg]+S or use the menu:
Menu -> File Save.

6. Startup up the installation process again and this time the
installer shouldn't quit and hopefully you will be able to install.
You can simply undo any changes by removing the Adobes "Installers" folder
[C][Program Files]\[Common Files]\Adobe\Installers
and run the Setup again or replace the line in Step 4 with
the original one.
"jsonObj = _jsonToObject(window.external.SetSessionInitialized(initValue));"
If I get some time I will further examine how to reproduce and solve
the problem.


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