Paladin World of Warcraft Guide – 4 Killer Tips to Help Your Paladin Level Faster

Are you looking for a good Paladin World of Warcraft guide? There are several good ones available online that can help you level quickly and get more enjoyment out of the game. World of Warcraft consists of many different races of characters. You can be a night elf, a blood elf, a gnome, a troll, a human, or many other types of characters. One popular choice is the Paladin. Many people choose the Paladins because they are warriors, but they also hold a mystical side, because they are priests as well. This means that they can be used to wage war, and when the war is over, the can use their healing powers to heal their army.

Here are a few tips that will help you in leveling with your Paladin:

1. Pick Up a Good Guide

A good Paladin World of Warcraft guide will help you go from 1-70 much easier than if you tried to do it alone. Since all leveling in standard World of Warcraft leveling guides are similar, you might consider picking up a horde or alliance specific guide. These can be purchased online and at stores and are a general guide to leveling in WoW.

2. Decide on a Strategy

When you start, you have to decide on your strategy and you have to stick to it. Do you want to attack? Do you want to earn points by causing a lot of damage or do you want to be a healer? Whichever direction you choose, you have to build your character in that direction. One problem that people run into when using the Paladin, is that they try to build all of their skills. The Paladin is an extremely diverse character and can be built in many ways. It is important that you start by choosing a specific skill set.

3. Exploit Your Natural Talents

One of the Paladin's natural talents, according to my favorite Paladin World of Warcraft guide, is their resilience. They are the best characters in WoW at simply staying alive. You need to exploit this trait. You need to use the Paladin slow and steady. He will outlast many of his opponents. So don't just rush into things, you need to wear your opponents down.

4. Complete Your Quests

Another tip from my preferred Paladin World of Warcraft guide is to complete all of your quests. The Tome of Divinity and the Epic Mount quest especially. The Paladin picks up some great equipment during quests. These two quests especially can give you the use of some powerful items.

A good Paladin World of Warcraft guide, along with your basic alliance or hoarding guide can make your quest much easier.

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