World of Warcraft Professions – The Last in a Trilogy on Secondary Professions

Up to now we've dealt with (1) cooking and (2) first aid, so here is the World of Warcraft professions guide to fishing.

World of Warcraft Professions - Secondary - Fishing;

Fishing in World of Warcraft can be much the same as fishing in real life, many hours spent staring at a lure or float bobbing up and down in the water. You can fish in nearly any body of water, though fishing in areas that are your skill level will give you a higher likelihood of catching the kind of fish that you can use.

Why waste hours fishing?

Well the easy answer to that question is for the fish basically! Raw fish can be eaten for low level health replenishment or can be used by hunters as food for their pets, cats in particular love to eat fish.

However, combining your fishing skill with your cooking skill can allow you to cook fish into tasty recipes that not only boost health but can give you various "Well Fed" buffs as well. These improve as the skills in your chosen World of Warcraft profession improve, culminating in the "Fish Feast" recipe that allows you to give a feast to your party, which not only replenishes health and mana, but also gives a "Well Fed" buff that gives additional attack power, spell power, and stamina for an hour.

In this secondary World of Warcraft profession you should go for the more sought after fish. Some fish are highly sought after by alchemists for certain potions. Other much rarer fish will earn big money either at the Auction House or by selling them to a vendor.

For example; Deviate Fish tend to be quite popular, because when cooked they give a temporary buff that turns the eater into a Human ninja or a Human pirate for an hour. If you are a non-Human character, some of your emotes will also change to mimic those of the Humans as well.

While the secondary professions do not get nearly the same attention as the primary ones, they can prove very useful for characters to learn. If you haven't learned them as you've leveled, it is well worth it to go back and learn them now, to improve your upper level game play.

We hope this World of Warcraft professions trilogy has been useful to you.

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