The Guilds in World of WarCraft

Guilds and clans have been popular ever since the very beginning of first-person shooter and MMORPG gaming. World of WarCraft builds on to that concept with their very own World of Warcraft guilds. A guild can easily be understood as a group of players that band together for companionship. Members of the guild travel together for fun and adventure while improving in experience and gold.

How to Create a Guild

Creating World of WarCraft guilds cost 10 silver to make. First you need to head over to one of the major cities and find a Guildmaster NPC. Buy the Guild Charter item from him and then give your guild a name. After that you'll need to recruit at least 9 other people and have them sign your Guild Charter for your guild to be recognized. These people must not be in any other guild for them to join yours. Once you get them all signed up, you can bring the Guild Charter back to any Guildmaster to have it fully registered. Make sure it is placed in the main backpack when presenting it to the Guildmaster.

Purpose of Guilds

World of WarCraft guilds add more social depths to the game by allowing players to form teams for a variety of purposes. Some players just want to join small social guilds to make friends with others and seek basic help. Serious gamers end up joining leveling and raid guilds to improve in leveling and get more loot for themselves. These guilds can be larger and can develop some tension when signs of greed, envy, and drama are displayed among members so be careful on what guilds to join. Roleplaying guilds are perfect for those wanting a real WarCraft experience because members of these guilds are slated to act in-character and make the experience feel more like a single player campaign. Well-managed roleplaying guilds avoid the use of offbeat chat and internet jargon altogether. People seeking for some intense PvP action should join the PvP guilds. These guilds also double as a great way in finding arena teammates.

Regardless of what kind of guild you join or create, all guilds have the benefit of accessing guild specific chat features where in you can chat with other members. Guild leaders also have a guild bank that allows you to give items that you don't need to other members of different classes that may need it. Players that travel in guilds also find it more entertaining to tackle tough raid instances like the Black Temple and Naxxramas.

Try joining a few World of WarCraft guilds of different types to grasp all angles of the game. You'll learn a lot and possibly make some new friends too. It also makes it great for developing your character, learning new tips, and making more money.

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