Origins of Terry Pratchett Titles – Or Are They?

Terry Pratchett's titles, can be seen as confusing to outsiders. Are these the origins of Terry Pratchett titles? Only one of these are...

1. Small Gods was named after those petty bureaucrats who work in offices who always need a receipt for things. General jobs worth types and busy bodies, really.

2. Unseen Academical was named after students you never see, but are meant to come to lessons. They are believed to be pretty widespread.

3. Lords and Ladies is a plant which is poker shaped, found in woodland and forests.

4. Interesting Times is a Belgian blessing 'May you live in interesting times.' especially prized around the Hague region.

5. Wings was named after the pop group headed by Paul McCartney which had a number of hits in the 1970s and 1980s.

6. The Wee Free Men was named after a group for incontinence sufferers, which seemed very popular in the 1920s, but has since been disbanded.

7. The Unadulterated Cat is named after a rejected cat, who unlike his neighbour was not stuck in a dustbin. Eventually he and the other cat reach an understanding.

8. Only You Can Save Mankind was a phrase used during the First World War. It didn't feature on posters, but was still linked to Lord Kitchener.

Answer: Only no 3 is correct. Small Gods are gods without much belief, Interesting Times is a Chinese blessing, Wee Free refers to members of the Church of Scotland. I hope you didn't get the right one.

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