How to Build a Wardrobe Inspired by Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane is the designer to watch right now. After showcasing some stunning creations at New York, London and Paris fashion weeks, his collections are inspiring many of this season's trends. If your outfit channels the work of this Scottish designer then you're sure to be on trend. Here's a guide on how to build a wardrobe inspired by Christopher Kane.


In his Spring/Summer 2011 collection Kane showcased lots of neon designs. His neon creations are feminine and sophisticated and have little to do with the neon you may associate with the clubbing scene. Kane's neon skirt and jacket suits have a beautiful lace print that he repeats throughout the outfit. Green, pink, orange and yellow are his neon colours of choice for dresses, skirts and tops. To get the look go for sophisticated tailoring in bright neon colours.

Golfing knits

Kane seems to have taken his inspiration straight from the golf course with his choice of knitwear for his S/S range. With bold oversized plaid patterns Kane's knitwear creates a stark contrast with his neon pieces. In deep shades of orange, green and brown you could work his plaid knitwear into non neon looks. To get the look, hunt down golfing style knits in deep, bright colours.


Kane has never shied away from colour, so if you want to emulate his style you're going to have to embrace deep and bold colours. In his S/S pre collection Kane designed some beautiful dresses which looked like a bonfire; full of swirls of red, yellow and orange. These stunning designs look as if flames are dancing across them with some areas of the print left dark for contrast. To get this bold and beautiful look go for prints that swirl and mix deep colours together. Either go for red, yellow and oranges like Kane or experiment with your own colour combinations.

Bright illustrated patterns

Think bright cartoon style patterns and you get the idea. Kane mixes thick black graphic lines with bright oranges, blues, whites and yellow to create images of trees, waves, clouds and whimsical shapes. On the high street go for anything with strong bold patterns that look as if they've been illustrated, rather than repeating geometric patterns. Stars, flowers, branches and the like all work as long as they have an anime/cartoon quality.

Look to the night sky

As well as bonfire prints, Kane has also created some really beautiful astronomical prints. Looking to the night sky for inspiration, Kane's S/S pre collection showed beautiful stars and cosmological sites. Stunning swirls of blue, white and yellow sit against backgrounds of black and deep blue. Kane uses sleek black tailoring to create a contrast, teaming beautiful star prints with long black trousers and well cut black dresses. To get this look go for anything with a star print or something that swirls together shades of blue, white and yellow.

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