Quick Machine Embroidery Projects For Kids

Machine embroidery for kids is a dying art, although there are so many project possibilities they would enjoy. Part of the decline has to do with the fact that traditional embroidery is completed by hand and limited to a few designs with varying degrees of difficulty. With the increased technology advances in embroidery, machines give a broader range of design capabilities as well as faster results. Initially excited, the investment in machine embroidery seemed fun and full of possibilities with hopes of creating projects that kids would absolutely love. Over time the machine felt useless, turning knobs and touching buttons without producing any real results. If out of ideas on what to make with machine embroidery, try one of these simple projects that kids love!

Every year kids bring home new books to be covered the first day of school in most areas. As a kid, you may have used brown paper bags or Kraft paper, but the new hip fad is the expensive stretch covers that can be purchased at your local school supply store. With a little time, you can make fabric covers for all books, using fabrics that are kid-friendly. The easiest method for measuring your covers would be to fold the fabric around the book and inside the cover as one would with craft paper. Using pins, place where necessary to keep it together; Hem all edges and finish basic shape of cover so that it can easily be slipped onto books. This is a plain cover, but can be taken a step further. Using machine embroidery, books can be decorated with embroidered images and even the subject and your child's name. With subjects like math, reading, and social studies, the combinations are seemingly endless!

Children love to see their names on things, which is why it can be found all over the place, like on the walls, important work presentations, and even jeans. One of the most satisfying displays of ownership is their names on their door. Opened or closed, children know that this particular space in the house is theirs, where they can be themselves or the place where they are banished when in trouble. Using machine embroidery, you can stitch names as well as machine embroidered designs that fit their personalities for a quick project. Framing this fabric will give an extra touch, and you can hang it directly by a nail on the door or use a ribbon attached to the back for flair. Using different shapes and colors of frames for each child will give unique variety. For a more challenging project, use small hand-size frames to design one machine embroidery design letter in each and hang in different ways.

While lamination is a great option to preserve family memories such as letters or family portraits, using machine embroidery design gives the flexibility to be more involved in the process. First, trace the image onto freezer paper, then iron until the paper is attached to fabric. Use an embroidery machine to embroider over lines, being as careful as you would with any other project, changing colors as necessary. Or you can choose suitable embroidery designs for kids from a large online store. After you have completed these steps, remove your freezer paper to reveal your memory! This item can now be framed or if they are notes, stories, or letters, you can bind them for a special gift!

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Author: Mohamed Elmasry
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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