How to Pick an Outstanding Unlimited iPhone Downloads Site

Unlimited iPhone downloads are hot nowadays. After much publicity and buzz, iPhone has finally landed in the laps of many gadget enthusiasts. Now, they are getting busy trying to find new music, movies, videos, games and ring tones to load onto their phone cum digital portable player.

Other than iTunes, the most popular places people are going to download music, movies, videos, games and stuff are the download services. But with dozens of such services online, you need to know some quick tips to select a site that meets your needs for unlimited iPhone downloads.

1. Pay Per Download or Lifetime Membership

This is important. Some sites charge about a dollar on a per download basis. Others only charge a flat rate of less than $49.99 for a lifetime membership to unlimited media file downloads for your iPhone. A huge money saver!

2. Selection of iPhone Music, Movies, Videos and Games

Make sure the site offers millions of media files which include music files, the latest blockbuster movies, TV shows and coolest games.

3. User Platform

The user platform to the library of unlimited iPhone downloads should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Check that they have a great search function to quickly find what you want.

4. Software Needed For Download and Conversion Purposes

Many established services now offer the software required to download the multi-media files such as music for iPhone, movies and music videos as well as to convert them into iPhone-compatible format. Do note that you can get them free.

5. Quick Transfer Speeds

Excellent services are fitted with high speed servers to accommodate file transfer by thousands of users at any point in time. There are unprofessional ones that can barely cope with excessive bandwidth consumption. What happens is they would limit your bandwidth usage and slow down your downloading. It is a waste of time and defeats the purpose of having unlimited iPhone downloads in their services.

6. Customer Support

The quality of customer support is a significant part of the selection process. Select a service with a 24/7 support policy. You never know when you need assistance.

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