3 World of Warcraft Leveling Secrets Cuts Days Off Your Next Speed Run

World of warcraft leveling is all about efficiency and speed. As a hardcore world of warcraft player since it's inception I have seen and tried just about every wow speed leveling known I think. Some have worked and some haven't others used to work and no longer due to patch changes and the way players simply play the game and other wow speed leveling techniques have tanked. When I say tanked I'm talking about down the tubes and not your Tauren War Machine Instance Tank. Ok with all that said I wanted to share some of the secrets behind world of warcraft leveling that I think every player out there can gain from.

1. Quit Alt Tabbing. The practice of alt tabbing is inefficient and simply wastes your gaming time. The hardcore speed levelers all know this and since this game is all about getting your character to 70 level as fast as possible so you can enjoy more of the endgame content in the game, alt tabbing has proven to actually slow you down. Here's how a typical gamer plays. He is trying to power level his way through a zone and either forgets where the quests starts, ends or where the NPC is found feels the need to Alt+Tab, why? Because he needs to either consult the popular world of warcraft online database for info or his favorite world of warcraft leveling guide. Sure it only takes a few moments but total the amount of time wasted over the course of say 20 levels and the inefficient use of this time quickly begins to add up. In fact those who are able to take advantage of in-game leveling aids far out level those players who alt-tab.

2. Use an In-Game Leveling Guide. With the changes to the game and thanks to the help of mod developers all the great information that is found in world of warcraft leveling guides can be had at your fingertips without having to leave the game. Imagine the boost to your gaming efficiency by having all the wow speed leveling information you want right within the game just like a map mod. Well you can, but I wanted to test this theory so I ran a side by side test just for fun against the popular alt+tab playing style and found that I hit level 70 up to 2 full days faster by using a built in-game map style mod leveling aid.

3. Quit using Old outdated World of Warcraft leveling guides. For the simple reason that they are no longer efficient. These popular playing guides waste gaming time from 2 perspectives. One. Most assume you play as a certain class and race, usually a hunter which is fine but what if you wanted to play the game as an Undead Mage. Ok well, here's what would happen. Try it and you'll see exactly what I am talking about. Get a friend to start a character at the same time as yourself, let him create the Orc or Troll Hunter and you create an Undead Mage. Now both of you for sake of this experiment use the popular Joanas Horde guide. Now I guarantee that by the time your little undead mage runs over to brills waits for the zeppelin to fly you over to Org, then run all the way south to where the Joana Horde Guide begins your Orc Troll Hunter friend will be level 5 or more. Talk about a waste of time. Sure you can mirror the quests by playing yours until the guide merges at crossroads quests, but that isn't very efficient either. The same thing holds true for Brian Kopps Alliance guide.

In short basically this is the no holds barred truth that a lot of gamers don't want to tell you because these guides sell very well but with recent changes to the game why play old school wow? Especially if old school world of warcraft leveling doesn't work.

Discover the only in-game world of warcraft leveling guide that acts just like a map mod that can make a whole difference to your playing style by cutting speed runs by over 2 Full gaming days. For more information check out http://www.squidoo.com/ultimate-world-of-warcraft-leveling

Author: Tony Bolton
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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