Women’s Dresses Are Back

For the longest time in the fashion world androgynous styles and androgynous looks have ruled the roost as designers and fashion labels have come up with styles of clothing and hot new looks that though funky and cool seem to blur the lines between make and female styles and clothing and even make up and accessories. The hot styles of the past half decade have all followed this pattern and in fashion week after fashion week for season after season in all the fashion capitals of the world we have seen women strut down the catwalks in more masculine styles such as eighties style jackets with padded shoulders while the male models on the other hand seem to be sporting sarongs and eye make up in a trend that cone only be described as metro sexual.

Half a decade in the world of fashion is a life time almost and finally this year the return to more feminine styles that has been much awaited for by many within and outside of the fashion industry seems to have happened. For their fall and winter collections for the fall winter 2010 - 2011 season fashion designers and fashion labels around the world returned to the extremely stylish and feminine shape of women's dresses. The trend was highlighted earlier with the debut of spring summer collections for 2010 that were shown in fashion weeks in the year 2009 where designers crowned mini dresses as the hottest new trend for the summer but these were all shown with clothing and accessories that highlighted the funky and almost tom boyish nature of these mini dresses with very sixties inspired looks and colours.

For the fall and winter of this year though the designers and fashion labels have pulled out all the stops though and the return to beautiful feminine shapes seems to be well under way this season. Fashion designers and labels showed lovely maxi dresses in beautiful colours and flowing shapes made out of the most delicate materials that are designed to show of the feminine form to best effect.

For women who are tired of androgynous clothing this is a great trend as it finally returns to truly girlie clothing and you can expect to see fashionable and beautiful women in all the fashion capitals of the world wearing women's dresses this season and combining them with luxurious jackets and furs to beat the cold weather that has been predicted.

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Author: Martin Bows
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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