Sound Stages Production and Design

Most people are completely unaware of all that goes into the production and design of a film set and sound stage. They watch a movie and enjoy the results of all the work that went into it, without ever knowing what took place in the actual production process.

It all begins with a production designers plans for a sound stage. This will be an enclosed, sound proof area where the scenes for the movie will be set up. Often times, of course more than one sound stage will be built. However; for budgetary purposes most often several scenes will be planned for one sound stage.

Production designers have to be familiar with numerous assorted crafts including basic construction, model building and limitations, lighting schematics and aspects of set decoration to suit time periods that a film will be shot in, just to name a few.

In essence, it is their responsibility that the scenes in the movie look real and indistinguishable from the real thing. Imagine their challenges, considering so much of what they create is fake and they always have budget constraints to consider.

This is why qualified, skilled film sound stage production designers are always in demand around the globe. Once one establishes a reputation they will never have a problem finding a job and that is a fact.

The best avenue to take for entering this lucrative line of work is through a qualified production design school and there are many of them to choose from now. Prior to that however, a person can better their position by attending a local college and studying art.

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Author: Deborah Yonatan
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