Different World of WarCraft Map Resources to Help You Explore

World of WarCraft has so many different environments for you to explore. Two expansion packs add even more new lands and instances for players to go. WoW addicts may memorize some places after prolonged gameplay, but there are just far too many places to explore that It can get confusing in remembering which cities have what and what areas serve as best places for grinding, mining, etc.

The World of WarCraft along with its 2 expansion packs allow players to explore in 3 major continents - Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and the recently opened Northrend. The Burning Crusade expansion also opens exploration to the extradimensional realm of Outland. Within these 4 major areas lie tons of zones to explore in and each zone contains several dungeons, cities, battlegrounds, and other instances to enter. There are also several islands around the major continents that allow even more exploration. While the game itself comes with different World of WarCraft maps of the continents and zones you can visit, only the landscapes along with key landmarks are shown.

Different fan sites take the matters into their own hands and create their own World of WarCraft maps to help frustrated players find key areas of interest along with maps of different instances you can enter. Some of these fan-created maps use the same landscape art as the ones used in game with added labels while others make them more colorful and easier to read maps for printable reference.

Here are some ways and sites to get quality maps for your exploration convenience.

Google Images

Google images is an excellent place to start because a simple keyword search of "World of Warcraft maps" return varied thumbnails of maps from different World of WarCraft fan sites. All of these usually provide a direct link to the image for quick saving. If ever you are looking for a specific map, simply type in the same keywords and add the area that you want. It may not work for every location, but Google Images serves as a quick start for the latest content.


MapWow is an excellent interactive map that is powered by the Google Maps API so players familiar with Google Maps can easily navigate to the zones of their choice. Labels can be toggled along with herb, ore, and treasure locations and the 2 travel paths for the Alliance and Horde.

Atlas Add-on

This add-on contains all of the maps of the instances in all the zones along with useful information and key locations. The Atlas can be launched via a button under the minimap bringing up an interface similar to the standard World of WarCraft maps. Additional map packs can be installed when available.

There are plenty of other World of WarCraft maps being created by fans across the globe. Keep checking these areas for updates and new discoveries to broaden your horizons in the World of WarCraft universe.

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