World of Warcraft Help – Leveling and Gold Tips – Part 1

First of all I would like to say thanks for reading and please be sure to read this information from start to finish as using all of the information together is most effective. Using just a few part's although useful will not produce nearly the results as using all the tip's together. OK, that said lets get down to the good stuff!

We will be covering some basic tips and strategies to use in The World of Warcraft to provide your character with a good supply of gold and proven method's for advancing your character in World of Warcraft, otherwise known as power leveling. Efficiency is the key. Where as wasting time is a big No-No. I don't just mean hanging out in the auction house or chatting with other player's. There are many things that the average player tends to do that don't seem so bad, but over time these habit's will slow your advancement greatly. So pay attention, read this several times and you will be shocked when you apply these strategies in World of Warcraft. They are not in any particular order as they should all be considered equally important.

First: To quest or not to quest. Of course you are going to go on quest's in World of Warcraft, that's part of the game. The point I am trying to make is to always be on a quest. Some people may disagree, but if you are not doing a quest you might end up doing lots of things that a quest would require you to do. So when you finally take the quest you will have to go back and do those things all over again. Not very efficient.

Second: Always take on multiple quest's. I'm not talking 2 or 3, I'm talking as many as you can get. After all you don't have to complete them all. Remember anything you do might be part of one of your quest's and you might get more experience or items for doing it just because it is part of one of your quest's. If this sounds very complicated, don't worry it's not. Taking lots of quest's at one time doesn't mean you have to do them all at once. Just concentrate on one or two at a time and let the others be until latter. Remember you can benefit more just because you took the quest and you can always drop it latter.

So where do we get all of these quest's? In World of Warcraft you get quest's primarily by talking to NPC's (Non Player Character's), specifically NPC's that have a yellow (!) floating above there heads. But don't just talk to NPC's with a yellow (!) above them. Talk to all NPC's, it only takes a few moment's and it may lead to a quest. You will also have to talk to NPC's for various materials and training for your profession's. But we will get to that in a latter article.

If you get a quest that is highlighted in yellow or orange you might want to put that quest on hold as it might be a little more difficult to complete than it is worth. Gain some more experience and when it turns green then go for it. In World of Warcraft a green quest is simply a quest that should not be to difficult to complete with the level character that you are playing. But once a quest goes gray you might consider dropping it as the experience value will be minimal. Two things to remember before venturing out on your quest's are to make sure you have about 70 or so food and water and your experience gained will be higher when you are rested so keep your health up and rest when needed.

Third: Playing in multiple zone's. If you are very new to World of Warcraft, you will soon learn that there are many different area's or (zone's) through out the World of Warcraft. A big mistake that most player's make is staying in one zone, completing all the quest's one at a time and then moving on to another zone. The benefit of multi questing as we discussed earlier also applies to playing multi zone's. Don't be afraid to venture into other zone's of World of Warcraft as you may find new quest's, item's or just information which may greatly benefit you in the zone you are already in. Simply put, expand your horizon's and see the World of Warcraft.

If your looking for a wide variety of World of Warcraft information regarding gold getting, leveling, characters, professions and more. Take a moment to check out the link bellow for up to date guides that you will find very helpful.

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