Find a Mini Dress for Yourself This Fall

Dress lengths are constantly following a cycle. They vary almost like the cycles of the moon. The lengths that are all the rage get gradually shorter and shorter till they reach what is called a micro mini length and then once they have hit an extreme the trend reverses itself and they start getting longer and longer till floor length skirts are in vogue. Right now we are at the short end of the spectrum as short dresses are in vogue.

Earlier in the year many designers showed their collections for the fall and winter of 2010-2011 and the one fashion trend that seemed to be prevalent amongst a lot of the designers at the different fashion shows and fashion weeks from around the world was the trend of the very short dress. Designers played around with all kinds of fabrics from ultra thin lace to thick velvets and velours and even denim but they all seemed to agree that the length to go for was a short one.

Now as the seasons change and fall winter collections are hitting the clothing stores around the world the mini dress is the piece of clothing to have. If you are old enough you can even pull out an old dress that you used to have in the swinging sixties. A word of caution though as mini dresses like most fashion trends that hit the scene are not really for everyone. You need to have the body and the kind of personality to truly pull it off and not seem uncomfortable and conscious in one. Other things to do when wearing a mini is to cover up on top as the object of attention is supposed to be your legs so help in focussing all the attention to that part of your body. If you are not blessed with long legs wearing a stylish pair of high heeled pumps will make your legs look much longer and will also draw attention to your dress. You can add a truly trendy and funky touch with a pair of brightly coloured stockings or thick tights if you so choose. This has the additional advantage of protecting your legs if it is extremely cold as well. You will end up being more comfortable as well as looking more at ease if you wear a pair of tights or leggings with your mini of choice.

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