Ecommerce Website Design Tips For Beginners

In the global age it pays to stay on top of things and the best way to do that is by combining technology and innovation. People are no longer limited to finding, purchasing or looking for items in stores. The online market is now the most popular choice for many who are looking for a large variety of products.

Ecommerce website design is no doubt the most thriving area of business today and every consumer and merchant are looking for ways to make this process more efficient and worth the money! Research has shown that users prefer to return to websites where the process was simpler and easier to use than one that is complex and difficult to navigate. Simple fact true but hard to implement in many cases.

The important thing to do in Ecommerce web design is to make sure you test your website on live audiences and not just your employees. It does not even have to be a large number. Have a pilot group of say 15 adults and kids mixed together and record their responses and opinions. Then discuss these and arrive at what can be done.

So few websites and companies do this and it leads to many losses in the business. Watch users interacting and make sure you do not focus on specifics when picking out your target groups. Let them simply try it as if they have come across a random website at home and are trying to look at what they can do with it.

Another problem in ecommerce website design is product categories. Either there are too many of them or too few. This makes it difficult for users to navigate and find what they want. If people have too many choices or too many levels to get through to get what they want, they will skip it the next time they want the same thing.

Make sure you provide the right buttons on your site to take them exactly where they want to go. Avoid too many ads and focus on the editorial bit. Ads are revenue but too many ads can be disastrous and distracting.

It will also waste valuable time to skip the ads or block a popup every single time to get to the actual product. Ecommerce website design is for the larger audiences and clients who have specific needs, target those to get the best results.

Another important aspect of Ecommerce website design is to hire the right people to interact with the clients. Make sure you have prompt customer service and help desk facilities which resolve customer issues fast. Even someone trying out a website would be impressed at quick answers; it is the first impressions often so do not neglect it.

Too much marketing and too many tech jargons are not encouraged as it pushes the customer away. Grabbing attention is easy but sustaining it is important. That depends on the quality of service you provide and the details available on the website. Keep it cut and dried.

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