Diary Of A Wedding Planner – Bridesmaid Vs Formal Dresses 2011 Styles

Do you have to shop at a bridal store for your bridesmaids? Absolutely not. Here are some fashionable 2011 formal dresses you can use instead.

If you're looking in wedding catalogs, you'll find a humdrum palette of tired pastels. We are no longer bound to this selection. In fact, the designs don't even have to be all the same color anymore.

Also, the lengths of the items tend to hang out in the same general areas. You rarely see anything but above-the-knee, below-the-knee, and ankle length. Wouldn't it be more interesting to have everyone wear different lengths?

This is a trend that's been borrowed from interior design. Once upon a time, a dining room table could only be paired with matching chairs. Currently, the hottest look is mismatched chairs of varying colors, patterns, and heights.

Fun Colors

Why can't your bridesmaids wear black formal dresses? What about shades of brown like coffee, milk chocolate, or maple? And how about white? It would be an unforgettable day if the bride wore green and her bridal party wore white.

Tony Bowls design #TBE2905 is a graceful black halter gown with bold red and pink flowers at the base of the full skirt. La Femme #15130 is a white floor-length design with black shadows and red roses along the base.

Also by La Femme, #15137 is white too. It has a solid red twist bandeau top and red flower etchings on the fabric. And #15306 is white with black polka dots. Both are whimsical and good-humored.

Fun Patterns

Who says you can't use 2011 formal dresses with animal prints? Who says you can't have stripes? Who says you can't have whatever crazy, kooky pattern you desire? This is your marriage ceremony and it can be whatever you want it to be.

Tony Bowls style #TBE2925 is a swinging, knee-length black and white leopard print party look. And #TBE2930 is black with hot pink stripes, and purple, pink and turquoise flowers. Both are cool spins on the norm.

La Femme #15228 is a very unusual sky blue halter covered in curious fluttering butterflies. And #15481 is a soft chiffon sheath of rainbow swirls. These will add spirit and playfulness to your ceremony.

Fun Heights

The bride is not the only one who can stride elegantly with a train. And it's okay for your friends to show off their legs. As long as they are tasteful, the gowns do not have to be a specific length.

La Femme outfit #15260 is a cute leaf green and ocean blue mini with a gemstone belt. While Precious Formals #P10309 is a short, zany purple, black and white striped strapless look. Both will add excitement to the festivities.

So you see there are a tremendous amount of options. Use your imagination by mixing and matching dynamic 2011 formal dresses to clothe your ladies in waiting. It'll be a refreshing surprise for your friends, guests and groom!

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Author: Mack Ceja
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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