Designing Your Own Magic Tricks

If you watch other professional magicians, you will be amazed by how they are able to make simple magic tricks into something that is more interesting. You might think that there are many kinds of tricks that can be done but if you carefully look at it, there are many tricks that can be done but the basic idea would only be a few. You can only design the tricks into something that looks better and more interesting for your audience. Thus, anyone can be a good magician once he is able to fully understand the tricks that he makes.

You can start with simple magic tricks and make them look more difficult by adding other details. This article can help you out in knowing the basic ideas behind most of the tricks that are known.

One aspect that you should know is the use of camouflage. There are apparatus that makes use of camouflage to deviate what the audience sees. The sight of the audience may still be tilted making it unreliable for the conduct of your tricks. You can make use of secret pockets and put things inside it so that you can make them appear out of nowhere. Also, you may do some tricks that may look big from the view of the audience but they are in reality smaller than what they look like.

Another trick idea that is mostly used is the secret movement. You can make things move and even make them appear or disappear with the use of an unseen thread. They can be the cause of the movements and they are controlled by the magician. These can be very amusing magic tricks especially if it is done the right manner. You can make the audience think how you did the trick but this can lose its appeal if the audience already has a clue on how it is done. Thus, you should be more careful with what you are doing and how you perform.

You may already be familiar with the tricks that changes one thing into something else. This is mechanical transformation. You can make an object appear out of nowhere or out of something else. These magic tricks make us of another secret movement that enables them to do the transformation.

Through the use of these simple concepts, you can make use of the different basic tricks and you can even design them into something that looks more difficult and interesting. You can create apparatus that uses these ideas and make a unique version of tricks that can catch more of your audience. You just have to be more creative and think that the basic ideas can be improved into something more magical.

Magic Tricks

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