All Eyes on the European Runways

The recent men's fashion shows revealed a lot about what men can expect not only for the cooler months, but for next spring as well. The biggest change we see, as do some of the most well respected editors in the industry, is the trends towards more muted colors. There was a lot of khaki, tan, sand and grey in many of the designers' collections. Leather belts were really showcased and color, while always an important element of any wardrobe, is only given a low priority in terms of the overall look in men's fashions.

Accessories were big, too. After a few seasons of strutting unadorned, this latest march of the runways showed us excess is back - two watches, multiple zippers (some which utilitarian and others only for the decorative elements they provide) and rings. Silk is back! It's been declared a sin to choose anything but the refined look a silk tie provides; so fair warning: choose your accessories wisely.

From a personal perspective, it's difficult to get the mind wrapped around some of the more aggressive styling efforts. We're not really diggin' the big pants - these would be the ones where the legs were as wide as the waist bands. On women, it's a classic look that's slimming and appropriate; for many who appreciate a comfortable pair of denim jeans and the traditional polo, odds are, these closets won't be home to any of those over the top efforts. That's OK,'s that versatility that makes men's designer clothes work.

Another trend can be found in the men's casual clothing lines. A balance has been struck between loose fitting and comfortable versus those "tighter across the shoulders" looks we've seen the past two seasons. Black and white - make no mistake, this classic combo is back.

For the more casual minded, the classic polos and denim jeans remain the first and only choice for many men. Updated cuts, fresh colors and clean elements rule the day for labels such as Voi Jeans. The shows, as well as the talented designers, were flawless; flawless in presentation and flawless in what would define these incredible new lines for 2011.

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Author: Phil Stott
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