A Career in Print or Design

A candidate looking for a job in the Print Design department should have qualifications or studies in art design, multimedia or a related subject. Journalists and photographers are jobs pertaining to print design. The obligations revolve around creating artwork and printed material used in advertising and sales promotions. Print Design is the use of printing as an art to develop commercial displays and posters for companies. Printing comprises the placement and type of words and numbers as they look on a page. Print Designers have artistic skills to create a more appealing and realistic text, they use diverse font sizes, specific word distance and colours to form alluring letter positioning that will capture people's attention and interest.

Print Designers are talented people, organised and educated when it comes to web design and print process. Successful companies prefer self-motivated candidates that have at least three years of design and production experience. The designers specialise in creating print designs for booklets, menus or folders, taking them from notion through to created artifact. The studio is the setting where print designers usually work; oftentimes, they are not supervised, since this occupation is dynamic and involves other staff; consequently the print designer should be a pleasant, creative person, with an enthusiastic attitude towards his/her job. Besides the creating of proficient quality design and superb print representation, a large diversity of design duties include artwork for: notepapers, pens, cards, brochures, menus, folders, cans, bags, t-shirts, posters, fact sheets, advertisements, cards, calendars, fabric, canvas, etc.

Print Designers are responsible for the advertising outline, association with publishers, working closely with the design team by offering advice and instructing them in creating the requested design style. Businesses online might employ designers who know how to use the most adequate software for website customisation, for altering photos, making them more attractive to potential clients. A print designer has to constantly interact and establish a job-related connection with printers and suppliers, but they should also collaborate with other operational personnel (such as those involved with merchandise development and technology) and enable production systems and work procedures to encourage a professional and economic workplace.

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Author: Jonathan E Richards
Article Source: EzineArticles.com


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