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If you are newbie (A new subscriber or beginner) to the incredibly dynamic online game of "World of Warcraft" then you may be asking if it's worth your time to jump in to the game now. After all this game has been out quite some time right? Well the simple answer is no. There is a way for you to play up there with the big boys and girls and it's done without hacks or cheats. It's purely legal so you won't get your subscription cancelled.

Now if you are a Newbie then you're just like me. I started playing the game January 2008. During the first month I was getting frustrated because I came across so many other players who had god like statistics. So I asked the online players how long some of them were playing. Some said since the game came out which was back in 2004. And then there were some who said "I started the game a month ago." When I heard that my jaw dropped to the floor. Because even though they had started playing just a month ago they were the ones who had the highest levels, piles of gold and a host of other goodies that gave them a huge advantage in the World of Warcraft.

"How did they do that?" you may wonder. I sure did. At first I did my own research by googling for information on World of Warcraft Strategy. To my amazement I found so many ways to level up and acquire gold without having to stay up 24hrs and never see daylight. Then my next question was if these methods offered by the players/authors were legitimate. There was no way for me to find out unless I purchased their guides.

So I didn't know which ones were good and which ones were just plain junk. Then it dawned on me. Maybe the online players who did so well had help from these guides about World of Warcraft. So I began polling every online player who I came across in the game if they've used the guides before and if so which guides do they recommend. I am so happy and grateful that they told me which guides were the best out there (After they killed my online character and took whatever little I had.)

World of Warcraft is a dynamic game, though it has been around quite awhile, Blizzard, the creator of this widely popular game is working on making the World of Warcraft even bigger by designing expansion packs such as the "Burning Crusade" and the much anticipated "Wrath of the Lich king" due out late 2008.

So is it too late to join the World of Warcraft? I think not.

So after all said and done I found 3 World of Warcraft guides to be the most helpful. To see them check out Learn World of Warcraft Secrets []

Author: William H. Thomas
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