Step Aside Cowboys

The Indians are coming and they mean business!

Cowboy boots, denims and lumberjack shirts may not be leaving the high streets just yet, however, they must make some room for a hot new look that is taking the fashion world by storm!

Navajo inspired prints are being incorporated by many fashion houses along with tassles, feathers, fur, beads and pompoms and we love the fresh, new confident look.

Today I attended the Leonard 2011 Spring Ready-to-wear collection and whether they intended it or not, Leonard are bang on trend, the collection reiterated the move to modesty for Spring 2011. Vronique Leroy presented Leonard's iconic and consistent floral prints with a distinctive wild west twist, introducing big, bold navajo inspired prints, with hints of suede and tassles.

Leonard was originally founded in 1954 as a textile firm. Tribouillard, the CEO at this time famously invented and patented a new printing process in 1960, the technique allowed for a knit fabric to be continuously printed and this technique is still used today.

Every season Leonard focuses on the fabric designs that will be printed on their signature silk jersey. This process begins with around 5000 different prints and is reduced to a final 100 per season. It is only after the fabric prints are completed that Leonard then imagine, design and create the garments. The clothing is designed and inspired by the prints which is a very unique way of working.

My camera was useless at the show so I cannot show you any of the pieces but I urge you to keep an eye out for the collection. If you are a fan of the bright, confident prints of the swinging 60's as well as floaty maxi dresses, flared jumpsuits and lots of volume, then you will be in heaven!

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