Best Prom Dresses 2011 With European Sensibility

Ever wondered what the teen girls in Europe are wearing to their prom? Maybe you've traveled there on summer vacation and you loved the fashion scene. Here are the best prom dresses 2011 with European sensibility.

European Style vs. American Style

Europeans are much braver with fashion than Americans. For whatever reason, U.S. styles are a bit more traditional in length, color, and style. In France, Italy, England, and other hot spots in Europe, the girls have more freedom to express themselves through what they wear.

Styles from this area of the world will likely be shorter and more courageous. They will play with architecture and exotic prints. They will show more skin. And the lines of the tailoring will be very precise.

Styles that Give that European Flair

DG Designer style #1002P and 1002T are good examples. They are both the same outfit but in different colors. They are sweetheart cut mini dresses that use ruching and color blocking to give them a Roman vibe.

The color blocking is separated by rhinestone straps. They crisscross in the front and back creating geometric shapes that are filled with either light or dark ruched fabric. In #1002P, the fabric is lavender and eggplant. In #1002T, it is aqua and emerald.

DG Designer style #10113 is another example of what will be some of the best prom dresses 2011 in other countries. You will see ruching used again as a way to create allure. And it is also a mini dress.

This one comes in white and black, and it has a sheer scoop tank neckline. The sheer detailing is embroidered with jewels. If you look closely, you will see that the fabric ruching actually has a braided affect. This is also a very Roman inspired trend.

You really get a sense of how important elaborate architecture is in designs abroad in DG Designer style #1035. It comes in black and turquoise and right away you will notice more ruching. Ruching is used to exaggerate the wearer's bust and hips for a more liberated look.

If you need another example, look for DG Designer style #1049B. You can really see the precision of style in this one. It is a two-tiered, off the shoulder mini. The top half is one color while the bottom half is black.

It comes in royal blue and black, or ivory and black. The top is trimmed with stripes of gold zippers with a double ruffle around the waist that is trimmed with the same zippers. You could see this ensemble on a Parisian teen girl for sure.

But the back is truly something. There is another gold zipper that slices the dress from top to mid-bottom. It is a bold statement that is trs Europa Europa.

Whether you channel France, Spain or Greece, the best prom dresses 2011 with European sensibility will make you feel very worldly. Maybe now's the time to think about a student exchange program!

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Author: Jodi Cressy
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