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Comedy landmark Ricky Gervais has gathered an elite fan base globally and is recognized as one of the most successful comedians of our generation, with co-director and good friend Stephen Merchant a british sitcom was born - The Office - now considered one of the most successful british comedy's of all time - selling over 4 million copies of the released DVD worldwide and snagging Gervais two Golden Globes! The US were so inspired by the hilarious sitcom they created there own version of 'The Office' which is still being aired on NBC and is also hugely popular snatching a well deserved Golden Globe of its own. The fact that Golden Globes were won for two different sitcoms in two different countries based on the same character - created by Ricky Gervais is a masterful achievement to say the least.

Ricky Gervais also wrote an episode for The Simpson's also starring in it and voicing his character, writing and starring in the long running series is a huge achievement alone but the fact it grabbed in an astounding 2.18 *million viewers worldwide thus becoming the most viewed episode on Sky One simply strung Ricky on a much higher level in the comedy avenue. Ricky later went on to write another sitcom with co-director Stephen Merchant called 'Extras' the critically acclaimed sitcom is simply delirious! There are also allot of big stars appearing here - Sam Jackson, Kate Winslet, Patrick Stewart.. just to name a few. Ricky is now working on the second series of Extras soon to be aired on the BBC.

Ricky is also not shy of radio work with previous XFM shows with good friend Karl Pilkington who has now been described as an Internet Phenomenon thanks to the two amazingly funny series of The Ricky Gervais show Podcasts, Ricky and co. even landed a place in the Guinness book of records with the amazing success of the Podcats.

This fansite aims to give you the funniest Ricky Gervais moments, videos, pictures, any content of any sort with pleasure and of course - completely free. There is also a forum and loads of tucked in features to bite into, this site is a great resource for any true Gervais fan: www.gervaisworld.com [http://www.gervaisworld.com]

If you've liked what you've been reading then take alook at the great content and site structure here at [http://www.gervaisworld.com].

Author: Nicholas Sullivan
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