Finding Simple Online and DVD Tutorials For the Beginning Artist

Where to begin? What to look for? What do I need? Common questions for those looking to become artists or even just to learn a new craft. You can simply sign up for an art class of your choice but not everyone can afford expensive courses. Some prefer looking for online tutorials, books, or DVD lessons that they can do from their own home or computer. Whats good about learning on your own is that you can pause and rewind back to lessons over and over again. But before scrambling around on what to buy, here are three of the basic art fields to get started:


1) Find books that not only focus on drawing only but also about the elements of design, line texture, the use of lights and shadows, and creating a good composition.

2) Find materials that you feel comfortable with. Start simple.

3) Drawing can lead to other genres like cartooning, illustration, and painting.

4) Find a DVD that guides you step by step (especially if its a lesson on drawing portraits, animals, etc). And practice every day.


1) This can be with oil, acrylic, ink, water color, etc.

2) Don't spend a fortune on materials. Buy a starter kit and brushes.

3) Painting landscapes and painting portraits are two very different roads. Choose what you would enjoy most or what you really want to experiment with.

4) Choose books or a DVD that shows you full color step by step tutorials and that can also explain the use of materials. Experiment with different mediums.


1) Before buying a camera pick up a photography magazine and familiarize yourself with the equipment.

2) Make sure you choose a book that focuses on understanding the use of a camera and terminology.

3) Choose tutorials that focus on taking good photos and working in a studio.

4) Remember, photos are easy to take, but the real work is in your understanding of what subjects you take photos of.

Learning a new art form can be fun and full of discovery. Don't get discouraged with trying to make things look perfect. Your art work should evolve to new techniques and ideas. The more mistakes the more you learn!

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