Women and Tattoos

What greater way to express yourself in the coolest way possible than through body art and tattoos?

Did you know that women are now responsible for 65% of all tattoos.

Women usually prefer more delicate tattoos such as flowers, butterflies, fairies and generally favor more colorful, fun, and intricate tattoo designs. Which is probably the most sellable among women especially the younger ones. You can also get a tattoo that is in the form of a text, some letters, Chinese or Japanese calligraphy, or you can get all sorts of shapes and sizes.

While they can be reproduced on skin in smaller versions, dragon tattoos are much more impressive-looking when done in large sizes, which heal much slower than smaller tattoos. While there are many thousands of girl tattoos to chose from, many women later in life come to understand what made them decide on the design they finally did. While men tattoos are often chosen on the day, girl tattoos are usually thought over long and hard, perhaps for months.

Whether she wants it to be small, cute and inconspicuous and sexy, or big and obvious to prove a point or make a statement, is totally up to her because tattoos also spell freedom. Where the girl tattoos are worn will also say something about her personality. When it comes to tattoos, don't cut any corners when it comes to cost and never ask the artist to lower his/her price. Unlike before when tattoos on women were looked down upon by society, it is now something women can be proud of.

Today, one of the most common body accessories that differentiate the "cool" woman from the plain Janes are the cute little tattoos that she proudly wears on her skin. Even today, celebrity tattoos have gone mainstream and the culture of celebrity tattoos covers acting, sport, music, models and people who are famous for being famous. This is another strong indication that celebrity tattoos are well and truly part of mainstream culture. The traditional stereotypes and stigmas that surrounded tattoos have been swept away and women have the confidence to wear their tattoos with pride. Tattooing is increasingly getting popular among women as more and more female celebrities flaunt their body accessories in the form of tattoos.

The rose is one of the most popular among flower tattoos, along with baby's breath, which means pure heart, the buttercup and it's symbol of riches, the carnation and it's meaning of love. The role of women in ancient tribal cultures, contributed to the popularity of tribal tattoos designs, featuring feminine symbols, representations and energies not seen before, except when tribal art was originated. The Women today, are flourishing in this expression of art as never before seen. Through the art of Tattoos.

The next step of getting a tattoo is in the design selection. Finding the right design is a matter of finding the right resource. Please visit me for more on Women and Tattoos at my blog: http://women-tattoos.blogspot.com

Author: Pearl White
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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