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As a kid you go to the theater and watch the big screen and some people will aspire to be the guy that made that movie. It takes a lot of work and a lot of talented people to put together a film. A guide to a career working in movies will give you an idea of the different areas you can pursue.

The expression of creativity is a person's personal feelings and thoughts. An artist has an endless number of ways you can express yourself. Both visually and aurally you can do express yourself through performance art, dancing, singing, writing, painting or drawing. If you are motivated to be an artist for a filmmaker you need to pursue the right education. The Digital Art Institute of Kelowna, BC, Canada offers an array of courses for the serious artist.

If you have ever been to an action film the sound is what keeps you riveted. Sometimes it's more exciting than the storyline and certainly just as memorable or sometimes more so. Commonly referred to as Audio Engineering this field uses electronic equipment for sound editing, recording and mixing. It plays an important role in a movie and in music productions. Digital Art School located in Kelowna, BC, Canada offers a degree in Audio Engineering with instructors currently active in the field.

In order to direct a movie you have to study movies that have already been made, classics from the past. This will teach you the style of different genres. Finding a good film school will help you achieve your goal. Studying such directors as Alfred Hitchcock and Jane Campion will help you understand what they did to make their films classics, to see through their lens. Digital Art School in Kelowna, BC, Canada offers Film & Digital Arts degrees and each student is treated as an individual.

Digital photography has grown to a large field from the consumer to the professional film industry. The digital medium allows one to create images that previously were only imagined. The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in a cutting edge institution that will give you the skills you need to enter this exciting field. This form of photography is evolving all the time.

Animated movies involve not only creative ability but technical expertise. The process of creating an animated film is a lengthy one. Animation can be either cell or CG style. Cell involves hand drawing and CG is entirely done on computers. The movie Wall-E was done using 3D animation on CG computers. It takes 3d animation training, and an enormous amount of people to create such a film.

A form of visual communication is graphic design. Graphic designers work on computers, use photographs, paint or draw their work. Graphic designers are the people who create logos for companies and create brands that you remember. A degree in this field could catapult you into many different exciting careers.

A degree from a good art school can get you a position with a major film company. You can realize your passion and get paid for it at the same time, what could be better than that.

Ready to channel your inner creativity? Enrol in a art college for animation or one of the many fine art colleges in Canada. The career you dreamed of may be just around the corner.

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