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Free tattoo designs can be found all over the Internet.  These designs are usually rather generic and really say nothing about you, which is what a tattoo should do in the first place.  Most people who have themselves tattooed choose their designs carefully.  They pick art that calls to them.    Usually the design will have some sort of meaning to the owner and will be unique.  A free design lacks this uniqueness and most of the time lacks quality...just missing the mark. 

I feel that when you make the initial decision to get your body inked with a design, it is imperative that you search for design ideas.  Sure you can use free designs, but the ones you pay for are totally with the price.  You will know when you see the design that is right for you, as when you see it you will say, "That's the one."  After all, the design you choose should call to you.  Never just say "Okay.  That one looks fine". 

A tattoo is for life, and, I am not sure about you, but if I am going to throw down some hard earned cash and endure the discomfort of a tattoo, I want to be proud of the design and like what I see every time I look at it.  I sure do not want to find out my ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend has the exact same tattoo.  Nope, not me.  Mine is going to call to me and mean something to me. 

In the end, you must be happy and live the rest of your life with the design you choose.  Think before you ink!

Angelas Smith
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Author: Angelas Smith
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