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New York City is known around the world for being a place where 'anything can happen' where 'dreams come true' and 'the sky's the limit'. These quotes are only a few of the reasons that actors, musicians, artists, and other creative minded individuals flock to New York City. Even models from all over America and the world come to New York City to get a fresh start, or perhaps jump-start their career. These fashion models in training are commonly known to carry portfolios, business cards, and headshots in order to score themselves a job while working as a waitress or a bar tender on the side. These days however are dwindling with the advent of web based technologies and web 2.0 social networking. Website design in New York City now plays an integral role for not only Models, but all creative minded people that seek employment, fame, and respect in their fields. Here's why:


Through websites, models can use social networking not only as a way to meet other people in the same field and discuss important topics, but these websites can be used as portfolios to show possible employers, and as places for employers to find prospective models, artists, and the like.

2. Ease of Access

It is considerably easier for people on the street to remember a website URL than it is to remember a foreign models name, number, and face. A business card with the URL is much easier to carry around than a folder with headshots and resumes and you're more likely to slip your social business card into someone's pocket.


Websites can serve as professional expression of a model's personality. They can accurately reflect the sort of work they wish to do, or are best at much moreso than a piece of paper listing their skills can. For this, professional designers offer their website design services in New York City for affordable rates


Websites; being nothing more than digital data last considerably longer than a scrap of paper and (thanks to Google) it is considerably easier to market yourself without a PR person or wasting money on expensive talent services. Many people find that website design in New York is the most creative around the world and are much more likely to find models via Google or other search engines rather than on the street.

Fred McCoy is a New York Web Design critic who works for Blue Fountain Media; his articles are on point, descriptive, and insightful.

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